Advancing The Kingdom of God

Our Vision is Simple

God has called Apostle Dupree to be a Bridge Builder connecting Leaders to Restore the Apostolic Mandate to The Church today.

Metro connects Leaders to accelerate the advancement of the Kingdom of God into every sphere of society we touch. 

We are Leaders Influencing other Leaders bringing Alignment into the Body of Christ for The End Time Purposes of The Kingdom of God. 

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The Leadership Team

Apostle Frank Duprée

The Founder & Director: 

Apostle Frank Duprée is responsible to maintain the integrity and objectives of the vision and the ongoing goals and objectives to fulfill that vision. He maintains the central office and is responsible for administration and the budget. He also communicates with regional ministers regarding events and news. Apostle Duprée appoints the Advisory Council members and consults with the Apostolic Council regularly.

Board of Directors  

Apostle Frank Duprée President       Bloomfield, NJ 

Apostle Nathan Culver Secretary     Atlanta, GA

Apostle DA Sherron Vice President   Baldwin, NY

Prophet Steve Porter Treasurer        Shortsville, NY 

The Board of Directors forms the core leadership of Metro Apostolic Network. These members bring various anointings and experience to the table and meet regularly to pray and set goals for the Network. The Members of the Council understand Metro’s Vision, Purpose and Mission and are committed to its success. 

Proverbs 11:14 “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”

To ensure that Metro Apostolic Network is relevant to the Local Churches and Ministries of the region our Advisory Council members represent a broad spectrum of Ministry. 

International Apostles/Bishops - Metro is at work in various parts of the globe. 

Apostle D. Aaron Sherron      Brooklyn, NY, USA

Apostle Miguel Zayas            West Coast, USA

Apostle Adriano M. Knupp     Boston, MASS, USA

Apostle Benny Mbai               Nairobi, Kenya

Bishop Shakeel Anjum           Faisalabad, Pakistan



Metro is a "3 Fold Cord" of Fivefold Ministers, Leaders & Mature Intercessors. We encourage everyone to participate in our Network. There are Specific Vision articles in the Teaching Section.

Vision - Purpose - Mission

Our Vision is to unify and strengthen our Members by building strong, apostolic relationships

Our Purpose is to bring Apostolic Alignment to those who want to help shape society in a Godly way

Our Mission is to Impact every aspect of Society and Advance the Kingdom of God

We are a fellowship that brings people together to advance the Kingdom of God. Through fellowship we are able to build strong relationships that result in the strengthening of our Churches and Ministries as well as increasing our own personal spheres of influence. 

This is “Iron Sharpening Iron” and the results are powerful!

Each month we invite the Gatekeepers of the region to come together to hear "what the Spirit is saying to the Churches" and to receive specific strategies to advance the Kingdom of God. Our gatherings also provide those present an opportunity to forge new friendships. 

We are a Servant Ministry

We strive to “have the mind of Christ” as seen in Philippians 2:4“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Our desire is break out of the “Church as Usual” status quo and take advantage of the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience that each person can contribute. 

This is how each member contributes to the Network while maintaining their own distinct identity. We recognize that God calls people into individual and unique ministries and we exist to help build each other up.

Statement of Faith:

We hold fast to the foundation of the Christian faith as seen in The Apostle’s Creed and The Nicene Creed.

We believe that the Fivefold Ministries of Ephesians 4:11are operational today.

We believe that The Holy Bible is the infallible and the inspired revelation of the one True God as demonstrated through the Life of Jesus.


More About Membership

Membership is open to:

Fivefold Ministers 

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers

Marketplace Ministers 

Those who know their calling is in the Workplace

There is a growing understanding today of the relationship of the Fivefold or Ascension Gift Ministries with those who believe that their spiritual destiny to Minister is in the Workplace. God calls these people into their various professions to advance His Kingdom in their sphere of influence. 

Mature Intercessors:

Those Saints who are called to be Intercessors are vital to the success of any work. We encourage those with this calling to bring the power of prayer to our Network.

Membership Standards:

Members should walk in accordance with 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and should be committed to the personal success of the other members. Where members do not espouse the same doctrinal beliefs in various matters: i.e. Church Government, Eschatology, etc. they commit to walk according the principle of love, which is stated by the Apostle Paul: “love does not demand its own way”.


Benefits of Membership

Here are just a few of the benefits of Membership

You have an opportunity to develop excellent relationships with peers who are committed to your success and to become part of a team that is actively involved in advancing the Kingdom of God and strengthening Local Churches and Ministries.

You participate in events that will contribute immensely to your personal and ministerial development.

You have the opportunity to relate to others whom you can trust and utilize for your personal or Church related ministry: “iron sharpening iron”.

Benefits to Congregations and/or Ministry Associates: 

Church members or Ministry Co-Workers will have increased security and trust knowing that the one they look to for oversight relates to men and women who are recognized for their ability, integrity and mutual accountability.

Through the sharing of Ministry resources, Member Churches are “cross-pollinated” and can experience a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Church members and Ministry co-workers have the opportunity to participate in conferences and seminars that build them up, equip them for service and enlarge their vision.

Your Congregation or Ministry will receive a greater revelation of the Kingdom of God as we partner together.

We also offer practical things from Professional such as:

     Church Accounting Services

     Tax Preparation & Financial Planning

     Wellness, Health and Fitness products

     Internet and Social Media Development

     Credit Card processing for Churches and Ministries

     Legal Services such as Incorporating a Church or Ministry

     Updating Church or Ministry By Laws


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